The End is Near

Where there is a beginning, an ending will always follow. Whether its days, months, years, centuries or millenniums later everything comes to an end. As humans we have little control over any part of this cycle. A woman gets pregnant and whether she wants to or not there will come a day when the pregnancy terminates, whether with a miscarriage, an abortion, or with the start of a new life. With the start of this new life an ending will always follow, whether its an ending before their first birthday or when they are old and grey; the ending is inevitable and there is nothing we can do to stop that course.

Everything that begins will sooner or later end. This world that we live in, this planet that we inhabit will meet its end one day. There is an ideology that confuses me so, and it is one we cling onto harder than we do anything else, and its that we know what’s best, what’s true, what’s real. We are the generation of technology, we are the generation of social media, we are the generation that relies on the internet for everything, be it for education, entertainment, socialization, it is what we thrive on and rely on. Yet with all of that we have been found out for what we truly are, which is a humanity without intellect, a human race without humanity, lacking empathy and sympathy for our fellow humans. We stomp around this world thinking, no believing, that we “own” it, we judge, we criticise, we voice our disagreements loudly and arrogantly. We turn up our noses in pride and look down upon those that differ from us; whether its religiously, culturally, ethnically, nationally…We focus on the elements that divide us rather than everything that unites us.

As human beings we have created all these constraints, we have divided this planet into different continents and countries, we have created arbitrary lines on paper maps to create pseudo-borders so that we can prosecute the offenders, the offenders of course being those that are not of the “appropriate” race, that don’t hold the “correct” passport, those that were not born on the developed land of a first world country. I believe that the only worthwhile factor that we can offer each other is mercy. Today’s world is full of hatred, intolerance, bigotry, spite and division. We identify each other’s worth by firstly our ascribed identities “where are you from?; what passport do you hold? and then our acquired identities “where did you study? how much do you make? which social class do you belong to? what occupation do you hold?”. Where is the decency? Where is the kindness? Where is the basic human compassion? We support animal causes, we argue how inhumane being an omnivore is, we protest animal rights, we chastise those with different beliefs, but where is the compassion for our fellow citizens of Earth. We have become a people that humanise animals and dehumanise fellow humans.

The world is full of brutality, cruelty, oppression, yet most of us turn our backs and assume the role of the deaf, dumb and blind. We blame the victims because it must be there fault that they face the circumstances they exist under.
I don’t see it; therefore it does not exist.
It is not happening to me; therefore it does not matter.
They differ from me; therefore they are not worth my time.

All I can say is that there will come a day when we will be asked why we stood by idly in silence as all this unfolded around us, indeed that day will come.

Till then,

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Sarah Gavoci

I am a citizen of the world, a slave, a psychologist, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend. I have an undergrad psychology degree, a psychiatry master's degree. I am a reading fanatic always have been and a writing enthusiast. So, here's my opportunity to give writing to a wider audience a chance.

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