imagesHello to all my faithful readers,
I do apologize for my silence lately, nevertheless, I am back now.
I started this blog while under the assumption that everyone holds a belief in some ideology, whether it be religion, science, etc…a crude oversight on my part. Allow me to take the opportunity to rectify my error and write to those of you out there that simply do not believe in any specific doctrine.
Happiness, happiness is a conceptualization that many might argue does not exist. We go through life desperately trying to grasp that sense of “happiness” we see portrayed on movie sets. We look to those that we think have it better than ourselves whether it be a celebrity in Hollywood, or simply someone that is better looking, has more disposal income, has it easier, etc. But, I am here to tell you that true happiness does not exist. I was speaking to a friend the other day and she said life is “hell”. I was surprised to hear that and my first instinct was to retaliate, however, I didn’t and I have spent time since thinking about her statement. I have come to the conclusion that I agree with her. I must say I have so much respect for this young woman as she has seen through the charades, the facade that this world has created suggesting that ultimate happiness is attainable. This world is a place, where war and famine have been on a continuous loop for oh so long. This world is a place where we are born and made to believe that we can grow up, dream big, attain those dreams and have a life of happiness. Our lives are so fragile, where a little tumor can bring our life to a crashing halt, where a little car accident may shatter our mere existence. The only truth we know is that we are here, alive on this earth, enduring the sharp jabs of pain, with the continuous risk of death looming in every minute. So, whats the point I ask you, were we put on this earth to suffer? Is the world nothing more than a masochistic existence? Were we merely put on this earth to endure pain and suffering, all of which will end with the sweet release of death into an unknown abyss, or will we simply disappear into a black hole and simply be no more. My answers to all those questions is “no”, plain an simple “no, that is not the reason”. Maybe, I am just an enthusiastic, optimistic person. To those that do believe in all that I am truly apologetic as that must be horrifying. The idea of not knowing to me seems quite frightening. To those that have lived their lives with these beliefs I commend you on your bravery.

In this world their are two types of happiness, happiness of the body and happiness of the soul. That feeling is derived from the activities we indulge in and enjoy, whether it be a hobby, reaching a personal goal, basically any activity purely built upon what you enjoy, hedonism. That happiness is not ever lasting as we might eventually get bored or tiresome with the monotony of life, which is why we eventually move on to a new goal we hope will help us get that happiness we long for. So, how do we maintain happiness? Now onto happiness that is felt by the soul. Psychologists, philosophers and many more have attempted to define what the soul is. However, they have failed; all we know is that there is an entity within us, one that does not have a locality in human anatomy, but one that is significant enough to set apart the living from the dead. We can see evidence of the existence of a soul through our behaviors. People often confuse happiness with the fulfilment of desires. But, as they say money cannot buy happiness. Narcotics and drugs do not achieve happiness they simply mask unhappiness as they are used to disassociate one’s unhappiness from reality. So, how do we achieve happiness? How do we satisfy our hungry soul?

Religion: religion is a doctrine that suggests that it provides us with the answers to those unanswered questions. Happiness is realized by unearthing the answers our soul seeks. The soul seeks the knowledge of existence, knowledge of a creator, guidance, details on life and whether this is an afterlife. All Abrahamic religions preach that there is an afterlife, that there is heaven and hell, that those that perform according to their book, in this world will go to heaven and those that spend their time harming themselves or others will face the fire of hell. To some that may seem a tired notion, that holds about as much validity as belief in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, a concept used by parents to straighten out those rowdy children. Earlier on we declared that the world holds evil and injustice, would it make sense for a person that has never harmed anyone a day in his/her life to meet the same ending as an oppressor that dictated corruption, racism, war and crime. Heaven and hell has erected to ensure a balance or at least to make sure that what is fair will eventually happen. When a criminal walks free we should find comfort in the fact that they will eventually meet their fate. When those awful girls gossip about you know that there is a God that will inflict upon them the punishment they deserve.

We live in a world where the parents that brought you up may disappoint you, in a world full of liars, cheaters and thieves. People that are green with envy, hypocritical gossips loom behind every corner. So, there has to be someone, something that will defend your honor and there is. Don’t give up on the world just yet because God will never give up on you. Some people believe that if they have already committed “sins” that ensures them a spot in hell. That is the furtherest from the truth, the idea of God, the reason it is a concept many find hard to grasp is because we cannot understand his unlimited patience, his eternal absolution. We too quickly forget that God is not human, we might hold grudges and find it difficult to move on and forget, but God he is merciful, endlessly forgiving.

A verse Islam preaches: اللهم انك عفو كريم تحب العفو فاعف عني
Translation: O Allah , You are forgiving. You love to forgive, so forgive me.
Now it is time for you to forgive yourself and give yourself a chance at true happiness.

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