Religion is commonly defined and seen as the belief and worship of a higher-power. Nevertheless, religion provides so much more than a belief system. Religion teaches the laws of humanity, laws that the international community at large currently abide by. Governments setup constitutions and enforce its citizens to live up to them and punishes and prosecutes those that do not. These laws are derived primarily from religion. Religion doctrines the notion that killing is prohibited, that stealing is sinful, that adultery is forbidden and that lying is immoral. All religions preach that gossiping and backbiting are sinful activities that should not be participated in. All countries will consider an act of divulging its secrets by a member of the government as an act of treason.


Throughout our life we write and choose the rules we want to live by and no matter where we are from or who we are we all abide by some form of norms. Whether, it’s norms and morals of a wider society, norms and values held by the minority we associate ourselves with, or the rules we use to organize our own personal lives. In all education systems there are elements that are permissible and actions thats are not, under employment there are those principles that are acceptable and others that are deemed unprofessional. For every place one associates one’s self with there will always a word of conduct.

So, what is it about religion that people find so disconcerting? Is it that the “laws” of religion are not to our liking? Or is it that they are not of our own concoction? Is it that it is not “manmade”?
In the future I hope to venture into explaining all the elements that people use to argue away the validity and significance of religion.

Till then, some food for the brain: when your child is sick, where do you go? Who’s help do you seek? When you have a distinct question about aerodynamics, quantum electronics or epigenetics? Who’s help do you seek?

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